Five Reasons Why Printing is Important in the Digital Age

In today’s digitally driven world, technology and social media rule the day. But don’t count out the printing industry, it’s still going strong! In today’s digital world, print is more important than ever for businesses. Here are five reasons why print is here to stay.

1. Print is Flexible

One of the goals and benefit of digital marketing is the ability to deliver a message to the consumer instantly, whether it’s a tweet, paid social, or an old-fashioned email campaign. While these are effective ways to deliver a message, digital messaging doesn’t have the longevity of printed collateral. 

When a prospect receives a printed brochure, they can take it with them and read it at their leisure; and it will stay around longer than a quick social media hit. Print offers flexibility.

2. Create an “Experience”

A customer can hold a printed piece in their hands and feel the quality of the stock and experience the finish. When it comes to brand and print, touch has the power to change emotions, and create an experience. Because we’re living in a digital age, printed material can be a differentiator and help your customers stand out from the crowd, making their marketing more effective.

3. Everyone is Not Online

While digital marketing is a primary method of marketing that most brands use currently, it’s important to consider that not everyone is online or may have the capability to get online and engage with multiple platforms. Print is a reliable way for your customers to reach their audience. Print and digital marketing work can work together to get the message out.

4. Getting Back to Basics

Digital overload is real. It’s typical to receive hundreds of messages a day! Digital marketing is great if the audience is engaged, but it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. As a result, using print is a great way to differentiate a business.

5. Gain Credibility

Today, print marketing can give prospects the impression that your customer’s business is professional and will go the extra mile. In a digital world, print can be innovative, make a company stand out, and demonstrate quality that will relay credibility!